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Archontiko Tzoufi


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Archontiko Tzoufi Featuring stone paved courtyards, wooden floors and carved ceilings, Archontiko Tzoufi is an original 18th-century building that has been restored. It is situated within the main square of Kapesovo village.

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About this location


kepesovon Photo Kapesovo (Greek: Καπέσοβο) is a village within the Zagori region (Epirus region), it is 43 kilometer north of Ioannina. The name Kapesovo is Slavic and means garden. The village used to be more south near Baya (Kipi), where lots of vegetables were grown and it was called \"Kapouska\". It was later moved to its current position for health reasons. There is a big cliff next to the village called \"Kapesios\" (a Slavic word that means cliff) and the name of the village might be related to it.The village is near the Vikos canyon, the view of which is spectacular at certain spots."

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